My Faves

As I find new favorite products, fitness classes, and services, I’ll list them here for you to check out!

willPower and grace Fitness Classes –

Expecting More DVD with Sara Haley –

Be Maternity BeBand – I wore this over my non-prego jeans into my third trimester! It’s also great for AFTER giving birth, to help you transition back to your wardrobe.

Loved by Heidi Klum Under Belly Jeans…. perfect for when your normal jeans don’t fit but you can’t stand the high waisted panel! Furthermore, these are great for months after giving birth.

Ok, shameless plug. This  DVD kit features my teaching!

Ok, shameless plug. This DVD kit features my teaching!

prenatal yoga

Jennifer Wolfe’s Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD – I love this! Short workout or long, first trimester or third, beginner or experienced… this will satisfy everyone!


The Snoogle Body Pillow – it was a lifesaver for me! Sure, it’s a little like having another person in bed, but it was the only way I was able to sleep on my side, without back pain, and without waking up every hour!

stretch bands

Stretch bands – a versatile, portable, inexpensive tool for working out anywhere, anytime.

balance cushion

Balance Cushsions – not only are the great for working out, but they are great to sit on during pregnancy. My tailbone hurt so badly, and this was the only way to get comfortable some days.

ball chair

The Gaiam Ball Chair – If you have a desk job, this just may be your best friend as you get bigger and less comfortable!

business of being born

The Business of Being Born – I recommend this film to everyone I know who is pregnant. Whether you choose to use an epidural or not, whether you go to the hospital or have a home birth, this is a great movie to get you thinking about your ideal birth plan. Every woman deserves to have the birth she imagines for herself.

easy labor

Easy Labor – this book was super informative and presented fairly unbiased opinions about the various ways to manage pain – naturally and otherwise – during labor.

fit pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy Magazine – I think the name says it all!

foam roller

Foam Roller – Such a great tool for working out, self-massage and balance work! I recommend the full, long roller for use with exercise.

how to rock

How to Rock Your Baby – this book was given to me as a gift and provided short, easy-to-read tips on how to prepare and what to expect!


A Portable Ballet Barre – a great way to get a good workout in the third trimester!

baby whisperer

The Baby Whisperer – I found this book to be helpful in the early days after bringing Ivy home. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, and this book helped with reading baby’s body language, learning how to distinguish her cries, etc.


One of my lullaby faves!

birth gown

Pretty Pushers Disposable Gowns – I wanted to feel at home and comfortable while giving birth – not like I was sick – so I opted to forego the hospital gown for my own!

bob marley

One of my lullaby faves!

led zeppelin

One of my lullaby faves!

wonder weeks

The Wonder Weeks – This book came highly recommended, and it has lived up to its reputation. This research-based book is easy to read, and chronicles your baby’s mental development. It provides a timeline for baby’s predictable fussy periods as well as their mastery of new skills. It makes playing with baby so much fun!



The Canon Rebel T3i – We got this camera when I was pregnant (our phones just won’t cut it for baby pics!) and have been SO happy.












One of my lullaby faves!


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