Baring the Bump

It wasn’t long after holding that little stick with the blue plus sign that I realized I was going to need a whole new wardrobe. Whether it was the First Trimester Bloat or just my imagination, my pants were feeling tighter within a couple months after that first doctor’s appointment. I was equally excited and overwhlemed, recognizing that 1) I was going to have a JUSTIFIABLE REASON to buy new clothes (yay!), but 2) this could be quite the expensive endeavor…. for just a few months of wear. So I set out on a couch-shopping spree: planning to scan the racks from the palm of my hand, preparing for what was to come.

And then it hit me…. I had NO idea where to start. Having never shopped for maternity clothes before, and without an older sister to show me the ropes, I had no clue where to begin. When a generic Google search for maternity clothes brought up a host of images for empire-waist, tent-like tunics, I started to panic. I did not want to spend 6 months (not to mention $600) on clothes that made me feel like I was hiding my excitement behind a mumu. More determined than ever, I asked around, hit up Pinterest, dug a little deeper, and finally found what I was looking for: stylish, fun, and even affordable clothes that I could look forward to buying and wearing.

And so, this list was born. A collection of maternity wear websites, grouped by their strengths, to help all you Glowing Goddesses dress the bump. Happy shopping!

Best for Basics 

Bib Popover Tunic -

Bib Popover Tunic –

  1. Target Liz Lange knows what she’s doing. One of my non-prego friends even said “Sometimes I see those clothes and wish I could wear them.” Something tells me she will, some day.
  2. Old Navy If you find the perfect maternity tee or sweater, you can buy it in another color, or stripes, or plaid, or polka dots, or….
  3. Gap These clothes will most likely be the foundation of your wardrobe – true basics, perfect for layering… the kind of things you can wear 3 or 4 times a week when paired with different accessories. I won’t tell. Bonus points: Gap’s Starter Styles are perfect for that transitional period when all you want to do us unbutton your pants, but you don’t yet have a visible bump.
  4. Ingrid and Isabel Not only does this company offer easy staples like shirtdresses, but they have thought of every essential layering piece you could possibly need – including the famous BellaBand.

Best for Bargains

  1. Your Friends’ Closets – No joke. When my college friend sent me a box of her old maternity clothes to borrow, it was like Christmas in September. What’s better than free? And if you’re friends, I’m guessing your taste is somewhat similar.
  2. Ebay   Talk about bargains. If you have the patience to watch your favorite items and bid when the time is right, you can score big. This is the perfect place to look for the seasonal items you might need – a  winter coat for instance. Even still… a 24-piece lot of maternity clothes in my size, worn for 5 months, for $16.00? Yes, please.
  3. GiltGilt offers daily deals on almost everything, but their Baby & Kids tab is the money spot for me these days. Maternity wear, strollers, carriers, nursery decor, you name it. Be forewarned: Gilt may become your daily addiction.

    Trisha Jumpsuit by Envie de Fraises on

    Trisha Jumpsuit by Envie de Fraises on

  4. Zulily – This site is another that offers daily deals… and in the last year I have become certifiably addicted to Zulily They have really increased their maternity clothes selection since I first started this list, and I’ll definitely be shopping here for pregnancy number 2!
  1. Local Consignment Stores – During my first visit to a local maternity consignment store, I found a pair of designer jeans for a fraction of the price. And if there is one thing you deserve when you are pregnant, it’s a phenomenal pair of maternity jeans. The confidence you’ll get from knowing your butt still looks damn good? Priceless.

Best for Trendy Threads

  1. asosThank God for the Brits. This was the first site that taught me maternity clothes can be cute, trendy, and DIRT
    Assymetric Shift Dress in Color Block,

    Assymetric Shift Dress in Color Block –

    CHEAP. Their sale racks are to die for, with some items under $20, and free shipping to boot.

  2. H&M – H&M has really stepped up their maternity game in the last few years. Buy their maternity clothes online or in store, and in true H&M fashion, the price point is perfect.
  3. Topshop Again with the Brits… while the Topshop aesthetic is definitely unique and not for everybody, can we all agree that it’s refreshing to see something out there for the hipster within?

Best for a Chic Splurge

  1. HatchI want everything on this site. The end.
  2. More of Me Maternity – What I love about this brand is their super-feminine, super-flirty and FUN styles.
  3. Isabella OliverThis site features simple, flattering pieces with unique details. And if that’s not enough, the blog will tell you which celeb was seen in that dress you have your eye on.

    The Slouch Dress -

    The Slouch Dress –

  4. Rosie Pope Maternity This line, from the star of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels, is all at once fashionable, easy, flattering, and fun. While these pieces are a tad on the expensive side, you’ll get a lot of wear out of them – they transition well and are super versatile. Plus, they list a phone number to call with fit questions! Genius. I’m pretty sure if I knew Rosie, we would be friends. Just sayin’.
  5. Madderson London – Elegant, classic pieces are the trademarks of this site. I am slightly obsessed with the navy Saturday dress.
  6. Seraphine – Looking for a dress to wear to a wedding? Or a wedding dress for yourself? Looking for a suit for work?  A bathing suit? Nursing clothes that are flattering? Seraphine has it all. And I love it all. It’s probably the most comprehensive, fashion-forward site out there, complete with a blog and style advice.

Best for Transitional Pieces

  1. Japanese Weekend – JW offers a special section called “d&a” (which stands for during and after), which includes nursing-friendly pieces that will be your go-tos for the 4th trimester. …For those of you first time mamas who may still be thinking that you’ll be back into your normal clothes in no time: you may still want to get a few 4th trimester pieces just in case. Trust me.
  2. Kohl’s – Bust out those Kohls bucks (or ask your mom for hers). Kohl’s even does the guess work for you by sorting their inventory by trimesters. Easy peasy.

    Taylor Short Sleeve Tie Detail Maternity dress- A Pea In The Pod

    Taylor Short Sleeve Tie Detail Maternity dress- A Pea In The Pod

Best for the Office

  1. LOFT This classic mall brand sells maternity wear too, but exclusively online. Pretty much every item is office-friendly, and just like in-store, runs tons of promotional sales. My only gripe – their maternity pants don’t come in tall sizes… I’m still searching for us lanky girls.
  2. A Pea in the Pod – Classic pieces abound on this site, from collections by French Connection, Nicole Miller, BCBGmaxazria, and Joe’s Jeans, among others. And while you can visit their stores in person, they sometimes feature sales exclusively for online shoppers.
  3. Leota Maternity – Can you say wrap dresses? This classic, comfortable and chic design never goes out of style, and is a pregnant mama’s most comfortable office option.

Best for the Weekend

  1. Imanimo – Imanimo’s easy dresses are screaming for a pair of gladiator sandals, a pair of sunnies, and the farmer’s market.


    Fiona Dress –

  2. Motherhood Maternity – The sister site to A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity offers a huge selection of cute, basic clothes at good prices. The site features collections by designers like Wendy Bellissimo and Jessica Simpson, and these casual clothes look uber comfy.
  3. Everly Grey – Everly Grey has some great sales, and while their casual clothes abound, there are some office looks as well.
  4. Lilac Clothing – Lilac clothing is marked by simple designs, but great colors and patterns that offer a pop of personality!
  5. Pink Blush – I love Pink Blush’s refreshing prints and easy styles. And they offer plus sizes to boot! Their diverse collection offers something for everyone, and I’m betting one of their pieces will become your out-and-about go-to.

Best Multi-Brand Sites

  1. Nordstrom – Featuring many of the brands listed above, Nordstrom’s is your one stop shop for a quick browse of all the best styles. That said, they don’t carry every style for every brand. Think of it as a Greatest Hits Collection.
  2. Due Maternity – Due not only features a variety of clothing brands, but they also offer skin care products, gifts, and baby items.
  3. Destination Maternity – This is the umbrella site for A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity. They seem to have everything – swimwear, activewear, lingerie… you name it.

So, that should get you started… ha! If you find any other stellar sites out there in your virtual travels, let me know, and I’ll add them to the list. In the meantime, celebrate that bump, and show it off!

Pink Blush maternity ensemble

Pink Blush maternity ensemble

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53 thoughts on “Baring the Bump

  1. Hi – thanks for this list, it’s great! I wanted to share another site with you – it’s European and I’m not sure about international shipping, but for those military stationed overseas or other expats, this is worthy of passing along! It’s called Noppies – it’s a Dutch company and they sell their clothing in larger maternity stores, but they also have a great website and a few of their own stores. They do a lot of designing for Esprit Maternity! Their clothes are incredibly comfortable – cute jeans!

  2. I just found out I was pregnant 1 week ago. (Only 6 weeks). I was so worried about buying maternity clothes and upset that I would have to give up my fashion friendly clothes for big tops. Thanks so much for posting all these stores. I feel so much better already!!!

  3. Forever 21 online (and in stores in NYC and Chicago) has a few maternity items – but great basics like camis, t’s, and especially cheap maternity jeans ($15).

  4. What better way to embrace summer but to add a little splash of vibrant color to your summer maternity wardrobe! Being pregnant does not mean you have to sacrifice your style; freshen up that baby bump with colorful skinny jeans and I promise a couple of Hott Mama new looks will be born this summer! Trust me, color is a huge trend this year namely turquoise tangerine, coral ( my all time favorite), mint green, and light blue. However, the biggest color trend in popping colorful skinny jeans. here everywhere are should be in your maternity wardrobe! If you’ve been hesitant on the bold plunge check out Motherhood Closet – Maternity Consignment where you can pick up a pair of designer color popping maternity skinny jeans for under $30!

  5. This is incredibly helpful… thanks so much for sharing! I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and have been posting almost daily preggo outfits… it might give some ideas (at the worst, of how NOT to dress! ha ha) so I’ll share the link just in case other pregnant women would like to see:

    Happy pregnancy to all expecting mothers!!!!

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  7. There is a little lost gem that no one has mentioned…Sears has a really adoreable / trendy maternity department called Two Hearts! Great prices too! Only downfall, they don’t sell online :

  8. Awesome list! Love Pink Blush and BBC Boutique. BBC is a boutique that carries both maternity and non-maternity. Most of the non-maternity is designed to work both ways so you can wear your clothes longer than just a few months! Then of course, after the baby most of us don’t like tight fitting clothes (I sure didn’t), so the flowy tops are always awesome!

  9. Hi & thank you for this very extensive list!! 🙂 I also just found a cute site called pink blush that looks good. Very trendy & inexpensive. The clothes remind me of forever 21 actually & so do the prices. Because of this the quality may be a little on the cheap side but I figure whatever I don’t like I can just sent back.

  10. What a helpful list!! I’m due today and trying to find a list of flattering clothing brands for the transition from being pregnant to losing the baby weight. Do you have one of those too?

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  12. Becoming a mother is one of the most special moments of the life for any woman. The complete nine month’s duration has the unique experience each day. One of the biggest changes women come across during pregnancy is the physical changes and the need of different outfits that can make them feel comfortable.

  13. Great suggestions. I really like your blog. I would like to share you another better site. This is an online shopping site where any pregnent women can buy the best looking stylish maternity clothes in their budget. All the clothes are made in USA with quality material and sewing. Check it out:

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