About Saralyn

Saralyn Ward is a movement junkie, mountain mama, blogger and wellness educator . After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Dance and Kinesiology, Saralyn moved to New York, NY to study the Pilates method. She was fully certified by STOTT Pilates in 2004 and by Pilates Academy International two years later.  After finding a home at Pilates on Fifth and Renaissance Pilates, Saralyn was certified as an Instructor Trainer, and was blessed with the opportunity to mentor new Pilates instructors.  In 2008, Saralyn and her husband Tom decided to leave the NYC concrete and clouds behind and moved to Colorado for a life of mountain adventure.


Saralyn has starred in several fitness DVDs, including Reebok’s Total Body Toning Kit and the SELF DVD series, and has contributed to publications such as Dance Spirit, Pilates Style, and FitPro magazines. She’s also provided Pilates content for Gaiam.com, and presented at the LOHAS conference. Most recently, Saralyn has poured her passion for empowering women into her blog and digital video series The Mama Sagas, which uses stories to break down stigmas and uplift women through community and compassion. In both her teaching and her writing, Saralyn aims to inspire people of all ages, ability levels and physical conditions. When she’s not putting her daydreams to paper or teaching Pilates, Saralyn is busy keeping up with two little girls taking the world by storm . You can connect to Saralyn on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

 Find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/saralyn.ward

Find me on Instagram @the_mama_sagas

Find me on Twitter @themamasagas

For bookings, please contact Cassie Carter at W-Talent Denver at cassie@w-talent.com.



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